Hollywood Farm raises a herd of approximately 120 Katahdin sheep, a non-wool producing American Heritage Breed developed to adapt well to our fluctuating Maryland climate. As the sheep are pastured on 50 acres of fields, our lamb is grass-fed and grass-finished.  We follow careful pasture rotation practices to keep our sheep healthy and reduce the need for medications. Antibiotics are not given unless medically necessary to save the life of the animal.

The sheep are raised in an environment intended to reduce stress at all times, which we find results in sturdier livestock. For example, we try not to isolate sheep, which can cause them distress. We do not breed the ewes until they are at least 18 months old, ensuring they can be stronger, nurturing mothers. Lambs are born every spring and kept with their mothers, allowing them to wean themselves naturally.

For information on purchasing breeding stock, or purchasing whole lamb for religious holidays, please contact us.

Here are some lovely moments from our 2018 lambing season:

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