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Hollywood Farm is local, family owned farm in Annapolis, MD.

Office Phone: 410-349-8020

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Mailing Address:
1701 Pleasant Plains Rd
Annapolis, MD 21409

Meet Our Staff

Thackray & Jean-Francois Seznec (Owners)

After living around the world, JF and Thackray settled into Thackray's family farm house and enjoy the historic and scenic Annapolis area. When not wrestling sheep, chopping wood, or sipping tea, Thackray enjoys painting and JF teaches.

Susan & Douglas Pearson (Sheep Managers)

Doug and Susan both grew up in the Maryland/D.C. area. After living next to D.C. for 25 years, they dreamed of relaxing and boating in Annapolis. However, after having two very persuasive border collies who wanted sheep, their idyllic water life included a lot more dirt. When not throwing the ball for the dogs, Doug does wood turning while Susan pays the bills.

Gwen & Peter Manseau (Chicken Managers)

Gwen moved to the farm with her husband, Peter, and two kids. They brought chickens to the farm and after tiring of a surplus of eggs, will bring eggs to your door. Gwen is a lawyer and Peter is a comparative religion author.

Edgar (Farm Manager)

Edgar is the source of strength around the farm - lifting logs, flipping sheep. He can typically be found on a John Deere excursion.