Art at Hollywood Farm

Artistic creativity has been a driving force behind many of those at Hollywood Farm. Without their creative input, we would not be where we are today.

Thackray Seznec(Painter)

Annapolis native Thackray Seznec discovered a love of painting at her artist mother's knee. At Washington College ('69) she studied under Walter Redding. While living in the Middle East she worked with Rahim Sharif in Bahrain. Among places her work has been exhibited: Bahrain; Greenwich Arts Society, Greenwich, CT; The Silvermine School of Art, Norwalk, CT; The Park Cafe and the Alliance Française, Washington, DC; 49 West, Annapolis; and The Mitchell Gallery, St Johns College. See her work here.

Cory Seznec(Musician)

Corentin “Cory” Seznec is a Franco-American musician splitting time between Addis Ababa, Paris, and Annapolis, Maryland. A multicultural household, extensive travels and musical encounters, and a passion for history exposed Cory to sounds from around the world, helping him to develop his own distinct style that reflects his broad interests. Cory focuses on fingerstyle guitar, clawhammer banjo, voice, harmonica, and an array of other stringed instruments. See his work here.

Yann Seznec(Sound Designer)

Yann Seznec is an artist, musician and founder of Edinburgh creative studio Lucky Frame. His work focuses on sound, music, physical interaction, games, and instruments. See his work here.