The Sheep of Hollywood Farm

We currently have a flock of 75 free range Katahdin sheep on the farm, with a goal of growing it to 100. They have brought the farm to life and bring us much joy.

We are often asked how we got started on sheep. So here's our story:

Susan (the Shepherd) had a border collie, Angie, who was full of energy and like to herd every dog she met - including those in her agility and obedience classes. We thought she needed a friend. So when a rescue border collied needed a home, Susan got Cooper. Now she had two dogs that liked to herd.

So she had the dogs herding tested and started taking herding lessons.

After renting sheep from a local farm, she teamed up with Hollywood Farm (and their 4 border collies) and bought 10 sheep. That worked out so well that they added 9 more, who had 16 babies. Now, like the old lady who swallowed the fly, Susan maintains five fields to manage the worms that threaten the lambs that go to market to finance the sheep that entertain the dogs.

Every day a number of dogs visit Hollywood Farm, their owners paying $20 per half hour per dog to practice on the farm's flock of sheep. Herding lessons are also offered. The revenue helps offset feed, fence-building, hoof-trimming, vet bills and additional stock.

Katahdin Lamb Meat

Katahdin sheep are known for having excellent lean, and mild tasting meat.

We have various cuts of meat available throughout the year. Here are our standard options:

Cut per Pound per Ounce
Rib Chops $22.00 $1.38
Loin Roast (Rack of Ribs) $20.00 $1.25
Leg $13.00 $0.81
Shoulder Chop $12.00 $0.75
Arm Chop $12.00 $0.75
Sirloin Chop $12.00 $0.75
Ground $12.00 $0.75
Shank $12.00 $0.75
Liver $9.00 $0.56
Heart $9.00 $0.56
Loin Chop $20.00 $1.25
Lamb Riblets $12.00 $0.75

Hollywood Farm Eggs

Hollywood Farm offers organic, free range eggs to those in the Annapolis area. There are twenty chickens that produce daily eggs.

Every Saturday, the eggs are brought fresh once a week to your doorstep. A standard order contains one dozen fresh eggs, in a regular egg container.


For a package of twelve eggs delivered right to your doorstep every Saturday, the price is $5.