Pastured Poultry experiment

We are beginning a trial of pastured chickens to see how we can raise chickens in a sustainable, healthy manner that results in delicious meat! Following the plans for “Stress-Free Chicken Tractors” we found at Farm Marketing Solutions, we built one chicken tractor in a day and a half. Proud to say that we used some of our own farm wood as part of the design!

We put the chicken tractor out in the field with our rams and wethers, who don’t seem to mind the new addition. Then, 21 Cornish Cross chicks that had been growing fast in the brooder became the first residents– they were thrilled to be out on the grass, to eat bugs and clover as well as their poultry ration!

These birds will continue to grow very fast — much faster than other breeds of chicken meant for laying eggs — and so should be ready for slaughter in early November.


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